Climate Mallorca
Mallorca’s climate is as varied as its landscapes. Especially in the summer months, the island draws sun lovers from around the world, but it also is an especially wonderful travel destination outside of the high season. In spring, many professional bikers train for races in the mild weather and hikers come to discover the fascinating natural sights. No matter what time of year you visit the island, you always will be enthralled with its beauty!



Spring on Mallorca

It is in March, April and May that Mallorca shows its best side, when blossoming meadows and trees paint the landscape in a distinctive slight. The climate is pleasant and water temperatures are between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius. Mallorca in spring is perfect for sports activities, for example, extensive bicycle tours.



Summer on Mallorca

Summer is the season when most sun lovers come to Mallorca. When temperatures top 40 degrees Celsius, the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean offers the perfect pick-me-up, or you can book a relaxing boat tour around the island. Virtually all summer sports activities take place in or on the water.



Autumn on Mallorca

When the trees shed their leaves in northern Europe, swimming season on Mallorca still is in full swing. Most years, you can enjoy the beach and the water as late as November, and night temperatures still are pleasant. Since the days are not as hot as in summer, autumn is the time you want to visit Mallorca for tours into the fascinating world of the Tramuntana mountain range. Hundreds of hikers populate the island and enjoy a bit of pre-winter warmth.



Winter on Mallorca

Many centuries ago, during the sometimes heavy snowfalls in the mountains Mallorcans transported the snow to huts designed for the purpose and using high pressure condensed it, turning it into ice that was kept until the summer when it was sold to the restaurant industry, hospitals or affluent private homeowners in Palma.