Privacy Policy regarding and


For us as providers of the websites and (the “Websites”), protecting personal data is top priority and when processing your personal data we strive to pay special attention to safeguarding your privacy. We use personal data in compliance with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German Data Protection Act) and undertake to maintain the confidentiality of such data. The Websites may contain links to websites operated by third parties that are not covered by this Privacy Policy. For further important information, please refer to the General Terms of Use.

1. Personal data

Personal data is information that can be used to learn about an individual’s identity including names, addresses and phone numbers. Information that is not directly connected to any individual person’s true identity, including preferred websites or the number of visitors to a website, is not considered personal data. In principle, you can use the Websites without having to disclose any personal data. If you wish to register on the Websites and become a registered user (“Member”), you may save some personal data in your user profile on a voluntary basis. Since we try to collect as little personal data as possible to allow us to make our services available to you, all you need to disclose when registering is the name under which you will be identified as a Member, which does not have to be your real name, and an e-mail address to which your password will be sent. Our server will store some data connected with your access to the Websites including your IP address, the date and time of your visit and the pages you viewed. Data will not be processed in relation to individual persons. We reserve the right to evaluate anonymized datasets for statistical purposes. To the extent required, we will use personal data for the technical administration of the Websites and for customer administration. Beyond this scope, we will save personal data only if it has been provided voluntarily.

2. Forwarding personal data

We will use your personal data for the Websites only and will not forward it to third parties without your express consent. Providers who receive data from us for processing purposes are bound by the provisions of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, other legal provisions and this Privacy Policy. We will collect your personal data and forward it to governmental institutions or agencies only if mandated to do so by law.

3. Cookies

We use cookies (small files containing configuration information) because they help us identify user-specific settings and develop specific user functions. We do not use cookies to collect personal data. Except for some user-defined features and settings, all of the functions of the Websites may be used without cookies.

4. Children

Users under 18 years of age should ask their parents or guardians for consent before submitting personal data to us. We will not request, collect or forward to third parties any personal data from underage users.

5. Right of revocation

You may edit or delete your personal data in your user profile at any time. Please contact our webmaster if you want your account to be deleted completely; however, your comments or other postings may remain online even after your account has been deleted. For more information please refer to our General Terms of Use.

6. Links to other web sites

The Websites contain links to third party websites. We cannot influence whether or not the operators of these websites comply with the applicable regulations regarding privacy.

7. Postings

Postings on the Websites are accessible to all visitors. Before publishing a posting, please ensure its contents are suitable for publication. Your postings may be indexed in search engines and, thus, also may be accessible on other websites worldwide.

8. Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments regarding privacy in connection with the Websites, please contact the webmaster of the Websites by e-mail.