Attractions on Mallorca

Mallorca has much more to offer than its world famous beer district. Almost any place on the island has a long history and numerous buildings are silent witnesses to its colorful past, for example, the imposing cathedral in Palma de Mallorca’s city center. Inland you will find many more historical sites that tell stories of Mallorca’s eventful existence.



Discover some of the many other interesting sights on Mallorca



In the north of the island you will find the largest wetland biotope in the Balearic Islands, S’Albufera Natural Park, which originally was a lagoon that with time was broken up by dunes. With its 1,700 hectares, this unique natural reserve park offers a home and food to many domestic birds and is visited by thousands of migrating birds every year – a fascinating show, not only for bird lovers. You can tour the park easily by bike or on foot. If you want to watch the birds without disturbing them, you can conceal yourself in one of the many cabins set up for this purpose. If you have a chance, we suggest you enjoy Mallorca from a boat – the view of its western coast with the peaks of the Tramuntana mountain range is a sight you will never forget. The precipitous cliffs tower several hundred meters into the steel blue sky and merge with the glistening sunlight. The tender green of the fragrant pine forests embraces the mighty pedestals of these stone giants. Now and then, the massive ramparts of the coastal landscape are interrupted by fjord-like bays. At their shores, picturesque fishing villages invite you to linger in the cafés and restaurants along the promenade.